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Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp.

PHOENIX, Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp. (OTC: LBTD), (the "Company") is pleased to introduce Mr. Liang, Pinqian, President of our strategic partner, Hunan Cangshi Biological Technology Co. Ltd (HC).

Mr. Liang comes from a prominent family that has provided traditional Chinese medicine to the local communities for over eight hundred years. As far back as the Ming Dynasty, Mr. Liang's family has been intricately involved in traditional Chinese medical and started a clinic in Guangzhou called "ZhengQian Tang" which developed many traditional Chinese medicine formulas including Liver Protecting Tea, Heart protecting tea and Luo Han Guo (Buddha Fruit) tea. After graduating from high school, Mr. Liang joined People's Liberation Army Navy and studied at Guangzhou Medical College. Post-graduation, Mr. Liang served at a research institution under People's Liberation Army, Navy division, for eleven years and specialized in re-agent development and navy equipment.

Upon retiring from the navy, Mr. Liang worked in several pharmaceutical corporations as senior technology officer and specialized in plant extract, medicine analysis and agricultural product processing. Mr. Liang owns several of his own formulas that specifically treat pain disease, diabetes, gout and tumor.

In addition, Mr. Liang also holds patent on natural and organic tea saponin cleaner and its recipe with State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C and the patent number is 201510938973.4.

"Mr. Liang is a seasoned businessman with in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as modern medical technology," said Michael Palethorpe, President of Lotus. "It is my pleasure to work with Mr. Liang and his extensive knowledge and experience in both traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical industry is extremely valuable to our cooperation. As strategic partners, Lotus and HC will collaborate and jointly promote our premium organic product and introduce to more families in China and worldwide"

About Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp. Lotus Bio-Technology is an Arizona based bio-technology development company that specializes in the refining of organic materials and the production of natural consumer related products. The Company has the rights to farmland in China of 1,000 hectares, which are approximately 100 football fields combined.  Our mandate is to grow various plants under strict organic standards and produce organic based consumer related products which completely are natural.  The products will strike a balance between affordability and produced in an environmentally responsible way and not be grown with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones or other dangerous chemicals while ensuring a solid financial return for our shareholders. The Company is a publicly traded company having its common shares quoted on the OTC Markets under the symbol LBTD.

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