Los Pollos Hermanos

4257 Isleta Blvd SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105


  • It hasn't been the same lately. Did something happen to the old management?
  • Good chicken, but there's something weird with that blue salt.
  • Man, Gus used to give me the hookup on chicken. Now I gotta pay full price.
  • Some creepy twin brothers keep showing up here and sitting down for hours without eating anything...
  • Ailemizin tavukusu.
  • O gerente uma gracinha! Rs
  • Tavuun iinden mavi bir ta kt geri verdiimde bana bedava men smarladilar
  • Really good place. It seemed odd that a bald man stormed in and ordered just a soda
  • muy buenos pollos, pero el personal te mira raro!!!
  • Gus cover from Breaking Bad!
  • Keeping the Breaking Bad fanatism aside, this place sucks. The food is awful and nothing tasted fresh. Also, the restrooms are disgustingly dirty, like nobody has gone in to clean or stock in weeks.
  • The burrito was the one who knocked...
  • Chicken's great. The place is sketchy though...
  • KFC bok yemi bence. Yemek sepetinde bouna aramayn.
  • ok Meth ettiler. En ksa srede deneyeceim.
  • The owner is cool. And the personal cook of the owner is cool as well.
  • Eski zenci mdr buray devrettikten sonra kalite ok dt.Eskiden tavuk bamllk yapard.Ne olduysa yeni ynetim gelince oldu.nce tavuklarn lezzet srr mavi ta gitti imdi de refill kalkm
  • Well this was featured in Breaking Bad....nuff said.
  • Great fry bread! Green chiles were awesome.

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