Los Angeles Restaurant Hawks $1,200 Dish and More News

In today’s Media Mix, manliest restaurant in America, plus former Aviary chef moves on

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Craig Schoettler Heads to Drumbar: The chef who was mysteriously let go from The Aviary is now heading up rooftop lounge Drumbar. [Chicago Tribune]

The Manliest Restaurant in America? Men’s Health argues that a barbecue restaurant in Kansas City in an old gas station is the manliest restaurant. They "cook meat over flames, that’s pretty macho." [Chicagoist]

$1,200 Dish in Los Angeles: Katsu, a high-end Japanese restaurant in Los Gatos, Calif., is serving something called the Decadence Staircase, with four types of caviar. [ABC News]


Tom Colicchio on Antibiotics in Food: The celebrity chef spoke out against antibiotics in animals, specifically in hog-growing regions. [Switchboard]