Fashion District

Los Angeles, CA 90079
(213) 488-1153


  • Best place in LA to learn mexican "spanish" and to buy cheap clothes/stuff. If you come on saturday or on sunday you could get pregnat without realizing.
  • The people-watching alone makes the Fashion District one of LAs premier shopping destinations and an experience all its own.
  • hungry or not, you get the LA STREET DOG: bacon wrapped hot dog with grilled onions, salsa fresca and avocado
  • C'est plus un march aux puces qu'un quartier mode :)
  • Favorite place to shop, it used to be a lot cheaper (and you might still find some deals, try bargaining) but now I come for the unique styles I can't find anywhere else.
  • If you're okay with no brand name, this is the place for you!!
  • My stores I go to are the best kept secrets :) 7$ shoes no limit and 2-3$ racks for clothes :) also a forever 21 outlet? ? 10$ and under!
  • want bootleg DVDs? gotta be quick, cause when a cop comes, they're running for the border
  • If you need shapewear, go to lingerie fashion shop on 11th st. Btwn wall and maple st.
  • 1. Bring CASH!- helps you barter 2. Know what you want- watch out for those impulse buys3. Parking- is a hassle so use a parking lot4. Wear comfy shoes- Closed toes, ladies you will thank me later
  • There are always sample samles going on in the Cooper Building 860 SOUTH LOS ANGELES STREET
  • Use to come here with my mom when I was a child. Now, I come here on my own to find whatever is it that I need. I love it!
  • If Soul Train were still on the air, we guess some dancers would look here for unique & attention-grabbing gear.
  • Great finds
  • Where you can find the bombast Street doggs in town
  • have glaucoma, back pain or A.D.D.? buy a BONG for all that weed!
  • living in the 90's still? come here for colored contacts!
  • $0.50 to use the restroom at the roof parking lot. The ladies keep it clean and provide you with toilet seat covers and toilet paper.
  • Persian food while you shop. Who knew!
  • Don't go shopping on the weekend or you will not find parking. Steer clear of 6th/San Pedro.

Nearby places

Santee St (at E 12th St)
920 Maple Ave (btwn Olympic Blvd & E 9th St)
300 E 9th St