A Look at Alaskan Seafood

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We discuss the variety of seafood from America's northernmost state
A Look At Alaskan Seafood

We discuss the variety of seafood from America's northernmost state

Alaskan King Crab
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Alaskan Seafood

Alaska might seem far away for most Americans, but its seafood is making its way across the country. "You see it everywhere in the States," Tyson Fick, from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, says. "King crab... snow crab, five species of salmon, halibut, black cod, sablefish, Pacific cod, and then weird ones like sea cucumbers and geoducks... 55 percent of all the seafood caught in the United States comes from Alaska," he says.

And while a lot of the seafood is only harvested for a few weeks each year, due to sustainability practices and seasonal influences, Fick says that consumers can eat Alaskan seafood year-round: "Fortunately, timing-wise all the freezing technology has made it just an incredible improvement where they catch it and freeze it immediately after it's caught and that really locks in the flavor." 

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For more on Alaskan seafood, including sustainability and when to visit Alaska, watch the video above!