Long Now Salon Construction Underway

The Long Now Foundation is well on its way to its new salon

Designs by Because We Can for the Long Now Salon display first looks at the new space.

The Long Now Foundation has a new venture underway with the help of a customer-aided campaign.

The foundation, which was founded in 1996 to encourage and foster long-term thinking and responsibility, has so far had 135 donations, reaching $186,028 of a $495,000 goal to build its one-of-a-kind bar and social space. A press release about this venture on San Francisco Bay says it will feature “small events and big ideas, conversations about long-term thinking, and inspiring beverages.” The menu will contain rare and handmade liquors, exceptional cocktails, and top quality tea and coffee.


Though the foundation had to close its For Mason space in preparation for the renovation, the fundraising is steadily underway and construction work on the Salon is imminent. Prototypes crafted by Because We Can, a design-build studio, show what the salon will look like after its completion. The Long Now’s Salon Partners include Samovar Tea of San Francisco, St. George Spirits, the Fort Mason Center, Because We Can, Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass, and The Internet Archive.