Long Meadow

Row 1

Prospect Park (East Drive)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 965-8951

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Foursquare Tips

  • The nicest expanse of grass in all of NYC that seems to just go on for miles and miles. Come early on the weekend before 9am, and see the ridiculous amount of dogs and their owners playing!
  • Red wine in a coke can makes an excellent illicit park beverage
  • Beautiful park. Grab a book, a ball, a kite, friend, etc. Just get out there and enjoy it!
  • A very good reason to visit or live in Park Slope.
  • Off leash hours 5am-9am and 9pm- 1am. This is an amazing experience. There's nothing quite like it anywhere. Doggie heaven!
  • PHOTO: Wildman Steve Brills was famously arrested in 1983 for leading his ecological tours of the city's parks. Here he is with some wild garlic outside Prospect Park in 1987, at the link!
  • Take your dog here in the morning before 9am and revel in the off-leash glory of it all.
  • Go with a friend at night and listen to the wind in the leaves. Sounds hippy, but it's awesome.
  • LOVE <3Don't leave your trash behind. Keep this park beautiful please. Thanks.
  • My dog likes this place better than I do.
  • Come on the weekends in the morning to see lots of dogs. Off-leash ends at 9 AM.
  • dog walking and picnicking central
  • Download a guide (pdf) to the colorful leaves of fall http://bit.ly/93rDwF. Perfect accompaniement for the 10/23 Walk-athon for the Park http://bit.ly/c2voau . Use #PPWalk on Twitter
  • No dogs to play with @ 6 AM on weekdays. I'd come around instead
  • Amazing piece of park design, one of the best features of the park.
  • I came here to watch the full moon and sleep under the stars. Police try to kick you out but just hide until they get tired.
  • so many beautiful people throwing frisbees!
  • The best picnic/outdoor afternoon nap/people watching spot in all of Brooklyn and maybe the whole city too, if I'm being honest.
  • This is the perfect spot on a Saturday or Sunday day out, it has a lot of green space and cool
  • Good open space with good views