Long-Awaited Mu Ramen Returns To Long Island City On Monday, December 1

Following a summer full of renovations to the chosen Long Island City location for their permanent ramen shop, and then months of the runaround from Con Edison, Joshua and Heidy Smookler will finally open Mu Ramen on Monday, December 1, the couple confirmed to The New York Times.

As you might recall, Mu Ramen was once a smaller operation, but the top spot on Pete Wells' list of slurp-worthy ramen destinations in New York City earned the Smooklers so much attention and fevered reservation attempts (2,000 requests immediately after the list was published online) that they shut down in order to regroup.

Nearly a year later, Mu Ramen will return in a slightly more generous space — 22 seats at the counter and a communal table — where your cooks will be your waiters.

So far, the menu at Mu Ramen features various small bites and "four or so ramen bowls, each with custom-tailored noodles."  

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.