Local Lovin’: A Gourmet Experience at Salute Market in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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Local Lovin’: A Gourmet Experience at Salute Market in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

I’m not sure which I love more – eating out or cooking. I think when you’re passionate about food you love both equally. I’m always on the the pursuit for another nibble, another sip and of course another food memory to create.

A full belly and a belly of laughs is what surrounds our kitchen table and on a recent trip to Salute Market in Palm Beach Gardens I learned that food memories are created around Michelle Lefkowitz’s kitchen as well.

Michelle, her husband Robert and Rob’s twin brother Tommy are the owners of Salute Market, a new local eatery and shopping experience in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens.  They’re originally from Cleveland where the neighborhood deli and bars hold a special place in their heart. 


When brainstorming for ideas for a restaurant concept they kept coming back to how much fun their friends and family have when they had them over for a meal. While researching on locations they found there was a void in the marketplace in South Florida for a place where you can have a true gourmet deli and charcuterie experience alongside an upscale market and bar. 

Some would probably describe it as a gourmet deli {which would be accurate} but in my opinion it’s so much more than that, their market is comprised of two pieces eat/sip and shop – which to me makes it really exciting.

First is the wine and spirits part which also boasts an impressive bar menu. You can enjoy a craft cocktail and then purchase all the ingredients to make it at home {they’ll even share the recipe with you … scroll down for their Aztec Old Fashioned Recipe!}.  


At Salute Market you can find highly sought after wines like this Turley ’13 | Michelle Lara

They’re wine options read like a who’s who list. Some of the labels they carry have a cult following and are produced in small batches. I’m not a wine aficionado myself but I love that I can nab a rare find, have a sip or two and learn more about the wine by attending one of their wine tasting events.  

The second part of the market is where you can order food {soups, salads, sandwiches, charcuterie and more} and again in this part of the market you can sit and enjoy your meal, order to go or have your event catered by them.  

They’re menu changes seasonally  and most of the sandwiches are named after friends and family and the ‘Corky & Jacks’ {house corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, thousand island, rye bread} is a nod to their Cleveland roots. Hang out at Salute Market long enough and you might get a sandwich of your very own created!

Salute Market_Palm Beach Gardens_Claudia Sandwich_CCK

There is a deep sense of community and sharing knowledge that is exciting to me and is very much needed in the Palm Beach Gardens area. I love the idea of having options – ordering in or out, getting some cocktail inspiration, learning how to make a charcuterie and of course making some new friends! 

Aztec Old Fashioned Recipe



Aztec Old Fashioned 2015-12-29 19:32:17

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  1. 1.5 Partida Anejo
  2. 1.5 oz. Foro Amaro
  3. 5 dashes Free Brothers Aztec Bitters


  1. Build the ingredients in a rock glass and garnish with a burn orange peel.

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Salute Market
5530 PGA Blvd # 101
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Phone: 561-425-5651 | Email: Michelle@Salute2u.com




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