Living the Ripe Life — Wine Entrepreneur Mary McAuley

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Living the Ripe Life — Wine Entrepreneur Mary McAuley


When it comes to generating new ideas, it’s easy to feel like everything’s been done before. In the past few years, however, the food industry has had an influx of fresh, innovative concepts that challenge that old adage. Among the first-time entrepreneurs successfully disrupting the food market is ICE alum Mary McAuley, founder of Ripe Life Wines.

Mary McAuley Ripe Life Wines

A former health care analyst, Mary’s story began like that of many ICE students. She felt unfulfilled in her career and spent her free time dreaming about opportunities in the restaurant business, but she wasn’t quite ready to make the professional leap. Thanks to the flexible schedule options at ICE, Mary was able to enroll in the Culinary Management program while continuing to work full time. “ICE is such an accommodating school, and, because of that, I feel like we had all walks of life in the classroom—executives interested in restaurant management, people who were young, people working in PR, etc. For those who aren’t fully comfortable diving straight into the restaurant industry, it’s a great way to get your feet wet.”


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