Living MacTavish Saves Your Holiday Party

Wintry cocktails that will change your dinner party
Susan MacTavish Best

Learn how to make these delicious drinks this holiday season.

The "Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley," Susan MacTavish Best, founder of Living MacTavish, is cleaning out her closet. On Nov. 10, the renowned entertainer, blogger, cook, and collector of curios opened up a pop-up shop in New York City's The Living Lab, where the contents of her eclectic San Francisco home will be put up for auction until Dec. 1.

In the evenings, MacTavish Best will be hosting a series of intimate, informal salons where she’ll cook many of the recipes she featured on Living MacTavish. The salons will cover eclectic topics like Drug Policy Reform; "Art Bombing" Out of Disaster; The Future of Our Dinner; A Scottish House Party; and Film, Funding, and Technology’s Role..

"I believe I can save the world one dinner party at a time," said MacTavish Best in a press release regarding the pop-up announcement. "In this era of constantly tweeting, Facebooking, and texting, so many of us are hungry for a slower-paced, face-to-face, thoughtful conversation."

Living McTavish went a step further to help your holiday party and shared with us some fabulous cold-weather-inspired cocktails that you can make in five minutes flat. so you can get back to entertaining. Check out some of the delicious recipes they pulled together and make them for your next holiday soirée!

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