Little Red Lighthouse

Lighthouse, Scenic Lookout
Fort Washington Park (George Washington Bridge)
New York, NY 10033


  • Did you know? This historic structure is the only remaining lighthouse in Manhattan today.
  • Don't miss the Little Red Lighthouse Festival every fall, which offers free tours and other fun activities to celebrate the area.
  • Originally called Jeffreys Hook Lighthouse, this landmark earned its nickname in 1942 with the publication of Hildegarde H. Swifts The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge.
  • The lighthouse was first established in 1889 in Sandy Hook, NJ, where it stood until 1917. It was reconstructed here in 1921 & was in operation until 1947.
  • One of manhattans hidden secrets. A great place to get inspired.
  • The lighthouse was set to be demolished in 1951 until a nationwide campaign saved it, powered by thousands of children who loved the book The Little Red Lighthouse.
  • The comment about this lighthouse being the only one remaining in Manhattan is inaccurate: there is another one at the northern tip of Roosevelt Island!
  • enjoy the view and the water fountain as you take a rest from that long bike ride.
  • If you come here with little ones you HAVE to read them the '42 children's book "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge." It's SO inspiring even "kids at heart" can be moved by it too
  • There's no good way to get into this park.
  • Opens to the public four times a year. Lovely spot.
  • Visit the little red lighthouse, and get an amazing view of the George Washington Bridge and the hudson river valley. Also beautiful Manhattan views.
  • This bright, iconic lighthouse is flanked by beautiful views of the Hudson River & distant skyscrapers. Come here in the fall to see the foliage!
  • Views of Manhattan are amazing from here!
  • Who hasn't read that kids book but this writer! Located in an obscure area that requires tenacity and skill for access. The view is noteworthy. Avoid oncoming storms. Pm hours are at your own peril.
  • Also known as Jeffrey's Hook Light house
  • One of my favorite spots in NYC and a great back story behind its continued existence. Every Sept/Oct the city has an annual festival in the area next to it
  • Imitate famed pianists Cipa and Misha Dichter and take a bike ride along the Hudson River until you reach the light house located right underneath the bridge. Read more it on MetroFocus.
  • Read the book 'The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge' based on this landmark.

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