Girl Tries Reviving Mom with a Slice of Pizza

The 7-year-old slapped her across the face with a slice before calling 911

Heroes, we love to love them; they come to our rescue, they do it casually, and they live to tell the tale.

So is the story of 7-year-old Rita Lawlor of Sarasota, Fla., who came to her mother’s aid when she found her unconscious on the floor of their home one evening.

Her first step of action — slapping her in the face with a slice of pizza. "I called 911, but first I slapped her with a piece of pizza," she told reporters.

After the pizza didn’t work, she called 911 and within minutes an ambulance showed up at their house and found Rita ready and waiting outside, the phone still in her hand.

"They did ask where I lived and my number, and I had to tell them what kind of house and I had to stand outside on the lawn and I saw the ambulance coming,” she told reporters at a local awards ceremony for civilians who saved lives last year.

Rita received an award and a goody bag. Smart cookie, that one. Watch the report below.


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