Listen to 'The Power of Bacon'

Spoffing Celine Dion has never been so spot on (or delicious)

The Power of Bacon

As the Hairpin notes, if you're going to parody Celine Dion, you must have a) the singing chops, b) commitment, and c) an intense knowledge of her original song. This video just happens to have all three.

With lyrics like "I wake up in the morning/ and smell your sweet delight/ You linger in the kitchen now/ I still smell you at night," (plus a soaring arc of "reach for some butter/ and grease up the pan"), this music video features Anna Sudac singing an amazing ode to bacon. We imagine a bacon album is in the works for all those devoted fans.

Watch below as she sings about breakfast bacon and lunchtime BLT sandwiches, fondling some tomatoes, grabbing rashers of bacon, singing with her mouth full of bacon, and wistfully walking around with a block of butter. Bonus points for the costume changes, bedroom scenery, and floral wallpaper. Points off for a random extra.