Link Your Party: Party Ideas, Crafts and Recipes

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Link Your Party: Party Ideas, Crafts and Recipes

 Party Ideas, Crafts and Recipes -
Hey friends, Happy LOVE day! :)

Speaking of love, is it me; or do you find it increasingly hard to keep track of everyone else's party blogs and news? Especially with all the constant changes on social media...
There's SO much information around, I feel overwhelmed scrolling through my feeds. So much so, that I decided to try something a little old school, and re-ignite our link parties.
I'm hoping it will become a place to share party related fun, crafts and recipes, so we don't have to keep hopping around like headless party chicks to grab our dose of party eye candy! ;)
Plus, it will be a great place to feature some of the work YOU guys are creating!!
I used to host these link parties back in the day, but it became SO big that it just wasn't making me smile, which totally defeats the point of a FUN link party...
And so this time 'round, we're featuring just one great idea in our next link party and we might be doing these link parties sporadically or in a particular theme for upcoming Holidays.
♥ So be sure to link back to Bird's Party in your posts, for your chance to get featured in the next linky!! ♥
Link up your party, DIY crafts or recipes below(Etsy, commercial or spam links will be deleted)

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ends on March 6th, 2016

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