Link Love: Drink Blogs

Boozy desserts, a gorgeous champagne cocktail, and more stories from food blogs you should read
Link Love: Drink Blogs
Denise Woodward | Chez Us

Eau de Vie Poire Champagne Cocktail

Three times a week, The Daily Byte rounds up stories worth reading and blogs worth following.

• This champagne cocktail made with pear brandy is gorgeous and seasonal (above). [Chez Us]

• Which boozy dessert gets you the most buzzed? [The Hairpin]

• Send all the partiers home with a bottle of Skittles-infused vodka, ensuring a massive headache. (Bonus, the vodka ends up super colorful). [Holly's Helpings]

• A creamy, sweet martini is festively decorated with sugar and sprinkles. Perfect for a sparkly New Year's Eve. [From Which Things Grow]

• Here's a smart way to decorate your table while keeping your booze cold: frozen bottles in ice. [Spabettie]

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