Life as a Student: Learning to Fail

Life as a Student: Learning to Fail
From, by Institute of Culinary Education

By Grace Reynolds—Student, School of Culinary Management


Last month, I graduated from ICE’s Culinary Management program. All I can say is that I have never experienced a sharper learning curve in seven months. In particular, I keep coming back to an assignment from our first week in the program: the “color speech.” 

Culinary Management Graduation

The assignment is exactly what it sounds like: give a speech about your favorite color. However, most of us hadn’t thought about our favorite color since we were about eight. Moreover, we were asked to make this speech interesting and relevant to a group of eighteen strangers—a daunting task. 


Now, I bet you’re wondering what this exercise has to do with restaurant management and entrepreneurship. The answer is simple: failure. Like most things worth doing, there is an inherent risk involved in starting your own business, pursuing a fulfilling career and leading a meaningful life. The color assignment was designed to give us a taste of failure. It tested our perseverance, our resolve and our ability to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth.


Read on to learn how Grace transformed her color speech failure into business plan success.