Life as a Hospitality Student: Finding the Right Fit

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Life as a Hospitality Student: Finding the Right Fit


By Ryan Kim—Student, School of Hospitality Management


Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, I never really cared for extracurricular activities, sports never seemed that exciting and Model United Nations was simply not for me. Around the age of 12 or 13, I baked my first cake and realized how much I enjoyed cooking—and especially baking. Which is why, initially, I was interested in ICE's School of Pastry and Baking Arts. But as much as I loved cooking and baking, I knew I wasn't passionate about spending the rest of my life working as a pastry chef. I was looking for a way to be around food, but realized I would rather manage an establishment than be in the kitchen. That's when I learned about ICE's Hospitality Management program.ryan alexey headshotAt first, I worried that Hospitality Management wouldn't be as exciting as a hands-on culinary program. Yet just weeks into the program, both Plemmie Lawson, instructor for our human resources course, and Tom Voss, the dean of the School of Hospitality Management, have blown me away with their enthusiasm for the material. I know this year will not be filled with boring lectures. Moreover, I know that this program will enable me to work in so many different industries, including restaurants and casinos.


Read on to learn more about Ryan's experience as a hospitality student.

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