Life-Changing Products From the International Home and Housewares Show

These products should be on your shopping lists

These gadgets will revolutionize your kitchen.

The annual International Home and Housewares Show is the promised land of kitchen products. Every March, more than 2,100 vendors gather in Chicago to share their products with more than 20,000 home and housewares buyers. 

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Products range from the obscure to mainstream, from useful to downright bizarre. However, every year the most amazing innovations make their debut. This year has been no exception.

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This is the one time of the year that an individual making inventions out of his garage can share the stage with some of the biggest names in home products. Think of it as King Leonidas battling the mass armies of Xerses for a place on your kitchen table. And during this four-day battle, some of the most innovative products emerge victorious, ready to make their way into your home.