Lidia Bastianich's Lemony Scaloppine, and More

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In this week's Recipe Review, a 'Cupcake Wars' winner's champagne cupcake, plus how to cook goat

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Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag
Nate Smith makes a case for rutabaga with this smashed rutabaga and carrots recipe.

LA Times
• A "lazy" lemon tart that "only" takes one hour and 20 minutes.

NY Times
• Serve these to your sweetie: Dark chocolate and cherry ganache bars.

SF Chronicle
• Sure, tofu has a bad rep, but pair tofu with peanut sauce and it's sure to wow your guests.

• Goat looks like it might be the next big thing, so get a head start with these Billy Goat meatballs.

Chicago Tribune
• Take Lidia Bastianich's scaloppine recipe, toss the veal, and make it light with chicken or turkey instead.

Seattle Times
• Prep for a romantic evening by making this mango-chocolate mousse ahead of time.

Washington Post
Cupcake Wars' Doron Petersan shares her champagne vegan cupcakes recipe, topped with passion fruit frosting — a perfect indulgence for a girls' night out.

Wall Street Journal
• A classic calorie-loaded banana cream pie loses calories, with low-fat substitutions and sweetened condensed milk.

Portland Press Herald
• The perfect side dish to a romantic evening: peas, prosciutto, and chives.

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