Liberty Bridge

Bridge, Park
601 S Main St
Greenville, SC 29601


  • Remember google on main? We were in the first g. In the loop, not the fiddly bits.
  • While you're there, stand just above the western bank of the Reedy River facing south (away from downtown), look straight down, follow the bank 5, that's Popkin Peak. Cool, huh?
  • Google on main was here. Hope you were. I was in first g.
  • Welcome to Liberty Bridge! Add the official Foursquare list: "Greenville, SC #4sqcities" for a compilation of all the cool sites & sounds in and around Greenville.
  • Press your ear to the handrail and pluck the safety cables to hear the bridge drone a tune. Then wash your ear; that's gross.
  • Beautiful sites of the falls and lots of great place s to eat nearby. Dont miss out. Bring your family and friends.
  • Have a nice walk. Take a picture. Share it.
  • Must See
  • Splendid biking and walking suspension bridge over Falls Park.
  • What a beautiful park, great place to go for a walk, enjoy nature and picnic.
  • Beautiful suspension bridge over the falls of Greenville
  • Bridge may be icy when the ground is not. Be careful.
  • This is a hidden gem in a lovely southern city. During the spring and fall you can pack a picnic and enjoy the views surrounding the bridge from the amphitheater lawn by the Reedy River.
  • Great for walks and taking in the view of the Reedy River and Falls Park.
  • One of the most beautiful views of downtown Greenville
  • It's a beautifully designed bridge. Not much more to say about it though.
  • Show up for the duck derby and watch several thousand rubber ducks run over the falls.
  • Don't jump! Chill and enjoy the view.
  • This 345 ft long suspension bridge provides visitors with an aerial amphitheater from which to view the cascading water that comprises Reedy River Falls.
  • Liberty Bridge was awarded the Arthur G. Hayden medal for innovative design in 2005.

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