Legoland California

Theme Park
1 Legoland Dr
Carlsbad, CA 92008


  • Pack a lunch. They don't check bags. Food prices and lines to eat are atrocious.
  • On March 31, Legoland will unveil STAR WARS miniland that will take guests to a galaxy far, far away!
  • Try starting at the back of the park and work your way to the entrance - the lines are usually shorter!
  • Did you know? The word LEGO is formed from the Danish words "LEg GOdt" ("play well"). The company later realized that in Latin the word means "I put together."
  • Nice alternative to packed Disneyland if you have kids under 10 y.o. Only 45-60 mins drive from Anaheim.
  • If you buy at the gate it's $89 for only one day, but buy in advance online and it's $89 for a 5-day pass!!!
  • The 2nd day extension is only $15-$20 per person and well worth it especially with a toddler that can't last an entire day at the park.
  • Download the new LEGOLAND app to explore map, rides and car locator. Plus it's your very own Show guide while at the Park! And it's free!!!
  • If kids are older go to the right when you get in
  • If you live close by, I recommend buying the season pass. But 3 get one free. Open to all parks too! We just enjoyed a day in the water park
  • Kids love the lego, pass on the water park and aquarium
  • Try Granny's Apple Fries! They're decadent!
  • Free water park inside Legoland. Your kids could spend all day here!
  • There's not many rides for little kids. I have a 6 & 3 yr old. My 3 yr old met the height requirements, but they also have to be 4. Kinda lame.
  • first time and this place sucks! i dont know what it is about this place but children are let loose, just witnessed a Guy throwing up and parents acting like kids. next time its disneyland all the way
  • Sky Cruiser is NOT worth the typical 60+ minute wait.
  • Loved the mini cities. Great place to take the kids to have a great time. Plus you can play with Legos.
  • Loved it , Awesome 2 Day 3 attraction package very well worth the price. My 4 yr old son on the way home back to Az wanted to go back the next day again. ;-) Next time will be the hotel their on site.
  • Get the Merlin resort pass! Especially worth it when summer comes!
  • Unless you have a child that is 7 or under this place is a waste of money!

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