Legends Sports Bar

Sports Bar, Bar, Burgers
Terminal 2, near Gate 25 (JFK International Airport)
Jamaica, NY 11430


  • Yep, service couldn't have been worse.
  • for 3.00 more you can make your drinks a double.
  • Cold food, warm beer, shitty service, overpriced everything; but it's right next to my gate
  • As to be expected. This place has some of the worst service ever. It was more "hatestaff" than "waitstaff." :(
  • For $3 extra u can get a double shot of vodka
  • Terrible food, burnt burger, and slow service
  • Good news: at least two Brooklyn Brewery beers on tap! Bad news: with tax, it's $11.42.
  • 9.00 for a 20 Oz Sam Adams and the food reminded me of a concession stand...yikes!
  • Food portions really small and not very good. Notice how the bun dwarfs everything. Also tried the wings which were over cooled and though. Might get a beer but would not eat here again
  • 1 1/2 hours from landing to getting off plane. A pint of Brooklyn Pennant Ale well earned!
  • Flight delayed so havin a brew.
  • Wife asked if she could sub fries for chips and was told "we don't have any fries" - uh what? Menu says many sandwiches come with fries. Waiter encouraged us to eat elsewhere. Avoid this place!!
  • For the same price you can get a colder beer and tastier sandwich at Citi field. But here you can log on tithe Sky club free wifi.
  • Food really isn't that edible.
  • The food is horrible. Just plain nasty and not fresh. Received my salad w barely microwaved chicken and the "seasoned" fried leave ALOT to be desired. Just.SKIP.This.Place. Don't even bother.
  • Be careful when you order your beer - if you don't say regular size - they will automatically bring the large version and charge you extra.
  • Do not order food here. It's not fresh. I ordered honey chicken with fries and veggies and they brought it out to me in 4 minutes.
  • Worst. burger. ever. You can only screw up this bad if you absolutely don't care.
  • Bad food and lousy service. I was here during a soccer match on TV and servers and cooks spent all their time at bar watching game.
  • Not the best service, okay prices for an airport eatery. Didn't understand the plastic utensils and foam bowls/plates.

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