Legal Seafoods: Funny or Offensive?

Staff Writer
Legal Seafoods will release a questionable ad campaign that will glorify seafood

For the past few years, Legal Seafoods has expanded its ads far beyond a traditional restaurant campaign. In 2008, the company released various offensive ads like, “This conductor has a face like a halibut,” and Bite me both of which had to be pulled from the media because of their offensive undertones.

And now they’re at it again. As of this Friday, May 31, Legal Seafoods will launch an ad campaign that will feature people on YouTube doing various blissfully stupid, harmless things. The slogan that will read under all of the ads, playing on the poor decisions made in the videos will read, “Fish is brain food. We have fish.”

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The company’s owner, Roger Berkowitz, told The Boston Globe earlier this morning, “As long as when you advertise you aren’t mean spirited or defamatory with what you’re trying to do, then why not have fun with it? One of the greatest things to me is that whether you like the ads or not, people can repeat them verbatim.” With such suggestive ads, we have to wonder — what’s the service like?