Le Sommelier

Bistro, Bar
Terminal 2 (CPH Airport)
Kastrup, Region Hovedstaden 2770
+45 32 48 30 42


  • Best breakfast in CPH airport.
  • Have a drink or a coffee while you recharge your smart phone in the USB sockets on the bar lamps!
  • You can charge your USB devices at the bar - there are several plugs
  • Slow but friendly service
  • Best coffee at CPH, good service, nice feel.
  • The former eyecon is now le sommelier - good decision the burger with a cold glass of kronenbourg 1666 is great
  • Breakfast buffet with press can coffee. Power outlets for laptops.
  • One of TOP3 burgers I have ever eaten, can be truly recmmended!
  • Very Good, but small-ish breakfast buffet. Usually good service. Coffee from press cans is perfect!
  • Great place for a proper meal before taking the skies. Steaks, chicken are always on offer plus a plat du jour. Service is efficient and friendly. Recommended.
  • Chicken and french fries were great!
  • Steak, wein
  • Surprisingly delicate dishes and very friendly service. The duck ravioli was unexpected and pretty tasty for an airport outlet!
  • . .
  • Fantastic. Great place to hang during flight delay.
  • Great coffee. Friendly Staff.
  • Tasty and expansive breakfast buffet. Served until 11am. Very friendly service.
  • Great airport offering. Sit in the bar area and plug your devices in with a USB cable to the lamps to get a little charge.
  • Fast service! Good food for an airport restaurant!
  • Surprisingly good foie gras burger