Latourell Falls

Waterfall, Trail
Historic Columbia River Hwy (US 30) (Btw Bridal Veil and Vista House)
Corbett, OR 97019


  • Bring a picnic lunch and follow the trail down past the falls, under the bridge, to the small state park in the village of Latourelle.
  • Formerly called clitoral falls, the state changed the name in 2003 because men couldn't find it
  • Take some time to traverse the nearly 3 mile hike up and around the falls and back down to a picnic area. Lots of photo opportunities!
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  • One of the best falls in Portland, OR
  • Love the basalt rock formations here
  • Not as many people hike to the second waterfall, but it is only about 20 minutes from the parking lot
  • Do not miss these falls less famous but prettier than Multnomah Falls
  • Beautiful waterfall to stop at! The green you see on the rock surrounding it is Lichen!
  • Great in late winter with both snow and moss. Very picturesque
  • Beautiful falls that are easily visible from the lot. If you're venturous, go to the top by following the trail!
  • Gorgeous fall to visit in Portland
  • Very tall. Great longer hike that loops around and up to the top
  • Bring sturdy shoes. Hike to the top and then make your way to the bottom. If you're adventurous, scramble across the rocks and get up close. Careful though, you'll probably get really wet.
  • Go close to the lower fall and feel the water force!
  • If you're only going to Multnomah Falls while you're out here, you're really missing out. There's a lot more to see like the Lichen-covered Latourell Falls.
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  • best photo op at the base of the can get really close to the fall
  • First part of the trail is an ankle breaker but worth it to hike to an upper fall you can touch.
  • The waterfall in the back is awesome!

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