Last Grills of Summer

Go out with a bang this Labor Day and enjoy these delicious grilling recipes

Get your last grills of the summer in with these 6 easy recipes.

Labor Day weekend is here, which means we’re all gearing up to say farewell to summer. While warmer weather will continue and summer will technically go on for a few more weeks, Labor Day is considered the perfect opportunity to celebrate summer, and your last chance to go out with a bang.If there’s one thing that signifies summer cooking, it’s the grill, so this weekend we’ll be firing up ours and taking full advantage of it, grilling everything from breakfast to dessert. '

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When considering what to grill this holiday weekend, think about everything that you want your Labor Day to be. You want it to be relaxing; it’s a three-day weekend and the last of the summer, so you should stretch out your legs and enjoy yourself, and that goes for your cooking, too. You want it to be fun, because it’s a celebration, right? So anything you’re grilling this weekend should be new and intriguing, and should excite the mouths you’re feeding, as well. Last but not least, it should be delicious; no matter what activities you’re participating in or what you’re grilling up, everything should be the most fruitful it can possibly be.

We’re here to help you accomplish all of this with six easy, exciting, and delicious recipes. Entrées like cedar-grilled steak, rosemary-lime salmon kebabs, and garlic-chile swordfish are perfect to serve this Labor Day, each flavored and cooked in their own unique way. And for sides, a grilled asparagus bundle with an orange vinaigrette or grilled corn on the cob with creamy feta butter will be sure not to disappoint. Even for those who are looking to enjoy something on the lighter side, a grilled beef salad gets a kick of flavor from Southwestern seasonings.

Labor Day is here, so it’s time for you to get your last grills in. Check out these six recipes and here’s to another great summer. 

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