Senado Square (議事亭前地)

Plaza, Historic Site
Avenida do Almeida Ribeiro
澳门, Municipality of Macau


  • Free wifi: connect to "wifigo"..go to web browser and just press/select "accept"..happy uploading ;)
  • Pick up some souvenirs at any one of the many shops in and around Senado Square, designated a UNESCO World Heritage sight. While you're there, treat yourself to a pork chop bun and egg tart.
  • Free wifi with wifigo !
  • Senado Square (Largo do Senado, or sometimes called The Fountain) has been Macao's urban center for centuries.
  • Portuguese egg tarts are cheaper here. MOP 5 each and they taste exactly like Margaret's which is being sold at MOP 8 per piece. :)
  • Awesome Rainy Season
  • Loving the portuguese-sino architecture
  • Like it here and good for photos taken, plenty of shops around
  • One of the major tourists spots and a nice resting/gathering places, located in the middle of the city and close to many other attractions, undoubtedly often packed with people.
  • Dazzling shopping venue.. with lots of Cosmetics, BBQ pork and EEG tart.. :)
  • If you want to get free snacks and at the same time sample macao's bake delicacies head up to the street leading to the ruins of St. Paul shop owners would sample out their goods happily.
  • Great place for meet ups, every body knows this place <3 love the view even at night.
  • wifigo is free wifi
  • Relax by the fountain
  • Wifigo free wifi!!:) HAHA
  • A very awesome place to take pictures. Especially at night time! Beautiful!
  • Senado Square in Macau & the famous egg tarts. :)
  • hard to find a restaurant here (mostly tarts & snacks) so better stuff yourself at pizza hut near the taxi stand. go inside the building & ride the elevator to 1st floor.
  • Visit after 10 pm to take photo privately :)
  • a very convenient meeting place. everybody knows this place.

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