Lakeforest Mall

Row 1

701 Russell Ave (at Montgomery Village Ave)
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
(301) 840-5840
Mon–Sat: 10:00 AM–9:00 PM Sun: 11:00 AM–6:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Lock your doors this place is ghetto!
  • Montgomery Mall and White Flint are better choices in Montgomery County.
  • Opened on September 12, 1978, the four major department stores here are J.C. Penney, Lord & Taylor (Woodward & Lothrop "Woodies" went bankrupt in 1995), Macy's (previously named Hecht's), and Sears.
  • A little slice of PG in MoCo!
  • Disgusting. Feels like im in the rural parts of Mexico.
  • The bathroom on the lower level near Macy always smell horrible!
  • Never park at the food court that's where the hoodlums chill. Always lock your door. Don't eat at nori Japan or Rita's, trust me. also they never clean the kids play place EVER
  • This mall blows. Don't come here.
  • It's a good mall been coming for years and never had a problem plus i heard that Westfield bought the mall so you no that means a lot of upgrades so this mall is on its way to a really good change
  • This mall has really gone downhill and coming here at night is just asking to be stabbed by gang members.
  • Welcome to ratchet city
  • So effing ghetto
  • They upgraded, added an H&M and I found some bad ass pumps for sale in Macy's....
  • Has almost all big stores. Nice big mall in the entire of gaithersburg and around. The nearest comparable mall is westfield mall which is quite far.
  • Oh come on don't diss the mall I mean they have 1 good store H&M xD @lakeforestmall
  • 50/50. Ok during the day, and avoid after 6. This place goes a little further downhill everyday. If the barber shop was not there, and I would avoid all together.
  • Don't even bother! Lamer than PG plaza in the 80s
  • THIS MALL SUCKS. the only time i go in here is to see my uncle and go to the barber shop upstairs with my significant other!
  • Sears, Macy's, Magic Health Plus for a good massage. Hakky shoe repair. Starbucks coffee. Lord & Tailor.
  • My daughter got her brand new, (same day) IPhone stollen here! Security followed the guy to the door and then did nothing- I should have just called the police!