Lake Travis



  • Believe it or not, there is some water left. A rain dance still wouldn't hurt. (This has been your cultural appropriation tip.)
  • Where Austinites go to get their lake fix.
  • Beautiful location with a party cove in the middle of the lake. The party cove docks large platform party with slides into the lake.
  • No better place to go boating with your best pals! Water isn't too dirty but it's definitely deep so be careful.
  • Gorgeous! Look into renting a two story party barge for a celebration on the water. There are coves where all boats tie up together for one joint afternoon party.
  • Water levels are rising yearly after the severe drought that caused the "sometime islands" to be visible the last few years constantly.
  • Texas Forever!
  • Try going down in the dried up part. Super fun! Found an old boat and a bunch of old cool stuff. Also found some fossils!
  • the lakes super dry

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