Lake Montebello

Curran Dr & Whitman Dr
Baltimore, MD 21213


  • Walk/run in the direction the arrow is pointing & not in the bike lane.
  • It's 1.3 miles around the walking lane - CAN YOU FEEL THE BURN?!?!
  • Truly beautiful- keep to the right of the path to avoid bicycles! :-)
  • You will feel every bit of the walk/run when u go around a few times
  • Good dog walking Great view nice bike riding except the bike riders can be jerks sometimes if you get in the bike lane
  • "May is National Bike Month" For the month of May the city is providing free bikes for you to ride around the lake from 5-8
  • One of the best times to workout at the Lake is early in the morning when there are just "a few" others here doing the same. Best scenic views in the city!
  • Great place to run, jog, walk, skate, and do calisthenics. There are also several open spaces in the area for things like frisbee, soccer, football, etc. The track is 1.2 miles. Love it here!
  • Great place to enjoy the great outdoors in the middle of Baltimore City.
  • As I've tragically found out, there are no restrooms here. Plan ahead!
  • Got 2 run that turkey off 2 make room 4 more !
  • Get here early on the weekends.
  • Walking at this time of day (12:00pm) makes you walk a whole lot faster because of the sun.:)
  • Mornings here are the best.
  • There is a Frisbee Golf course on the North / Northeast side of the lake
  • This is a fantastic place to walk or jog. There is a parking lot, too.
  • Beautiful & Peaceful Scenery! AAAHHH
  • Great place to run, bike or just enjoy the outdoors !
  • My place of choice for exercise and reflection.
  • Really nice day for a walk, not too hot not too cold

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