Laemmle's Royal Theater

Indie Movies
11523 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 478-1041


  • Just remodeled. Much nicer now, but if you want to go to the bathroom and sit next to the wall, you may have a problem.
  • Cozy and intimate theatre to see independent and foreign films in West LA. Sit toward the back of the theaters to avoid the blue-hairs talking during the features.
  • A is for art house theater!
  • Love this theater! older theaters tend to have smaller uncomfortable seats Not here!! comfortable modern seating with the uniqueness & playfulness of an art house theater... best of both worlds!
  • Classy indie theater
  • Beautiful theatre with comfy seats, personable service, and indie film darlings.
  • Lots of talkative blue-hairs but generally a good theatre!
  • Comfy seats and matinee prices- not to mention the awesome selection of foreign and indie films!
  • The Royal serves as the marquee theater of the Laemmle chain and almost always gets the L.A. premiere of the latest films from arthouse favorites.
  • Awesome indie film theater. So much better than the Lammies in Santa Monica. Smaller, but worth stopping by if the selection appeals.
  • Really digging the remodel and the new chairs
  • Small theater but insanely comfy chairs!
  • Great theater playing independent movies. Very comfy seats, but go early or you won't find a spot: only 65 seats per room.
  • Cute Theater. ....nice people
  • Re-opening Dec. 19th with 3 screens and stadium seating.
  • Free refills on the large popcorn or soda!
  • This place rocks the old school theatre feel. One screen and 600 seats to choose from. I love it!
  • The popcorn is uber tasty!
  • Lots of seats. Great place to see a film.

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