Laemmle's NoHo 7

Movie Theater, Indie Movies
5240 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(310) 478-3836


  • Cute place, but the staff look like they're bout ready to slit their wrists.
  • If you want a relaxed, clean (sanitary) movie experience at a cool price and great movie quality...this theatre is the place for you
  • Cheap popcorn and free seasoning!!
  • Skip the paid parking, try the side streets. Most DON'T HAVE METERS!
  • They have the nicest theater seats in town, large + comfy and they even recline.
  • Special preview last night of Girls In the Band, wonderful Movie encourage everyone to see it while it is at the theater for this one week.
  • Leather seats. ^_^ Small theater though. Get here early to get your desired seat.
  • The staff is lack luster ... Literally they took my order laying their head on the counter ... I felt like it my fault they didn't have something to do at work!!! I wish the owner read the comment
  • They sell frozen Junior Mints. <3
  • Great for locals. Staff hate life. Theater is average.
  • Leather seats not bad
  • Favorite movie theatre! Leather seats and 8$ matinee
  • One of the few independent theater chains in Los Angeles. Affordable, clean and comfy.
  • Finally a place in North Hollywood to catch some great independent movies!
  • My goto neighborhood theater. It's an art house crowd, so no rowdy teens and douches who talk on their phones see movies here, leave that to the Burbank AMC. good prices, clean and classy!
  • Nice (though small) theatre! $8 2PM movie. (Dunno if that's normal but it's not in NYC.) Warning: they don't validate the parking lot behind it. (The one you enter to the right of the theatre.)
  • The prices are great, the staff is friendly and they show all the great festival/indie films and just enough of the popular current films to satisfy anyone. It's next door to my apartment too! lol
  • Great popcorn
  • Great theater, but the seats are somewhat uncomfortable. Still, the screen quality is excellent as is the sound.
  • Movie selection, service, food.

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