Woman Finds Black Widow Spider on Her Grapes


Well this makes us a bit more wary about aggressively washing our produce; a woman in Connecticut claims she found a black widow spider in her bag of grapes from Whole Foods.

The woman, Nora Weiss, bought a bag of Sunview Organic Table Grapes from a Whole Foods in Fairfield, Conn.

The spider was still alive, NBC Chicago reports, and luckily did not bite the shopper. Whole Foods, naturally, has stated that her claim could be true since organic produce doesn't use pesticides. The shopper was offered a refund or replacement.


While this gives us the heebie-jeebies, we honestly would prefer finding spiders in our produce rather than, say, nose rings. And the Whole Foods shopper apparently agrees; she told News 12 that she'll continue buying only organic produce. Who hasn't come across a worm in an apple, or a tiny spider on their homegrown peaches? It's much better than seeing footage of a rat running across a window display.