Label Insight Supports Passage of National GMO Disclosure Bill in Congress

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Leading provider of SmartLabel solutions, Label Insight, supports bill promoting greater transparency to consumers across...

Leading provider of SmartLabel solutions, Label Insight, supports bill promoting greater transparency to consumers across the country

CHICAGO, July 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Label Insight, the leading provider of data solutions that power transparency between CPG brands, retailers and consumers, applauds the House of Representatives' passage of the National GMO Disclosure Bill. As an organization founded with the mission of helping consumers understand what's in the products they use and consume, Label Insight believes in the advancement of all forms of product transparency and supports this legislation.

"Digital labeling as a federally endorsed option for GMO disclosure is a great step forward in increasing transparency between brands and consumers," said Label Insight CMO, Patrick Moorhead. "Our independent research confirms that SmartLabel is the right direction for brands to enable both compliance with this law and improve trust and loyalty with consumers."

Moorhead cites data from Label Insight's forthcoming Transparency ROI study, which showcases:

  • 79 percent of consumers surveyed said they are very likely or somewhat likely to use a brand that worked with SmartLabel
  • 44 percent said SmartLabel would make them trust the brand more
  • 73 percent said they would be willing to pay more for a product that offers transparency in all attributes

SmartLabel offers a means for food manufacturers to comply with federal GMO disclosure requirements, while minimizing the impact to physical packaging. Digital labels, such as SmartLabel, provide more information than could ever fit on a package label, and provide it to consumers in their preferred, digital formats through smartphones and tablets. Label Insight's SmartLabel solution makes the process of providing digital labels for GMO disclosure as easy as drag-and-drop, while maintaining premium data quality and best-in-class SmartLabel execution.

"SmartLabel is an ideal solution for brands, but not all SmartLabel pages are created equal," said Moorhead. "It is now especially important for brands to carefully consider their approach to, and resulting quality of, SmartLabel execution. Consumers will increasingly expect a higher level of transparency and quality from SmartLabel pages as awareness of digital labeling grows, due to the Government's attention to this matter. Ultimately, this will elevate the status of SmartLabel pages as a front-line brand touchpoint for consumers."

To illustrate this point, Label Insight analyzed the level of completeness across 873 food-specific SmartLabel pages. Completeness was defined as pages that contain product information in 8 of the major transparency categories: GMO disclosure, ingredients, allergens, marketing claims, certifications, health and safety, sustainability, and product instructions.

The analysis revealed that the quality and completeness of data provided on SmartLabel pages is significantly improved when brands employ Label Insight's SmartSPEC solution to create and manage their SmartLabel pages. On average, Label Insight generated SmartLabel pages with more than twice as much data across the 8 major categories as compared with pages created through other methods. Label Insight-generated pages also provided non-mandatory classes of information such as sustainability, health and safety and product instructions.

The SmartLabel initiative is poised to take center stage as a solution to help brands and manufacturers achieve compliance with regard to the GMO Disclosure Bill. Consequently, SmartLabel pages may increasingly become one of the first places consumers interact with products they are interested in, raising the stakes for the level of completeness and accuracy brands provide for their products. Label Insight provides a simple, industry-leading solution to enable best-in-class SmartLabel execution for product makers who want to ensure their product data is complete, accurate and compliant with this new labeling law.

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Label Insight is the leading provider of data solutions, powering transparency between CPG brands, retailers and consumers. The company's cloud-based product data engine enables CPG brands and retailers to transform basic product data into smart attributes, providing a deep understanding of their product set. Label Insight offers an unmatched level of data, generating 15,000 attributes - such as nutrients and allergens - per product. These attributes serve as building blocks for a live view of data for more than 300,000 products across 17,000 brands, totaling over 80 percent of the U.S. retail food and beverage market. Label Insight customers use this deep level of product data to provide greater transparency to consumers; maximize category growth potential; easily participate in industry and government initiatives, such as SmartLabel™; and create more connected omni-channel experiences. To learn more about Label Insight, visit



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