La Perrada del Gordo

$ $
2650 S Military Trl
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
(561) 968-6978


  • Gordo burger is amazing
  • Best burger in West Palm Beach. Dont think so? Ill buy yours if you disagree
  • Get the gordo hot dog amazing!!!!!!!!
  • Get a Gordo burger. Carne y pollo. You can die happy after that. <3
  • the food it's delicious and not that literally need to try almost every dish and you will want to come back each time. The environment it's really nice.... Check it out.:)))
  • Some of the best burgers Ive ever had, real Colombian cuisine at its finest. Well-priced too but you may need to queue for a bit... theyre just THAT good.
  • That mixed Gordo Burger is tasty and you wont have any space for the fries. Great little Colombian burger place.
  • Once you've had a gordo burger you can't go back!
  • Gorda burger mix. Best burger I have ever eaten. Worth a 3 hour drive to come back again.
  • The gordo burger is the best in the state!
  • This place sucks.
  • Burgers are a must try very tasty.... just dont eat all of it at once heart attack in a plate. Worth the money.
  • Everything is good and inexpensive
  • The maisitos and el perro huevon are the best things on the menu!!
  • Best burger I've ever had!!
  • Maizito mixto is my fave!