La cabana rodriguez

Latin American
Flatbush ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(718) 287-0248



  • Get the stew chicken it's delicious
  • Try the mondongo like homemade, fried chicken juiciest i have ever had in my life, and the mofongo its f*+king good just try it.
  • Their ordering system sucks. You have to yell your order behind the glass and wait almost fifteen min. The food is mediocre and the drunks and bums asking for money and starting fights ruin the place.
  • Fuck this no points shit
  • The fried pork with the lemon and onions great
  • Best chicken wings around!!!!
  • The Chicharron the morro platano fried chicken mmmm
  • You can literally never go wrong coming here and ordering anything. Customer service is great, drinks are great, and did us amazing!!--
  • Terrible service!!!!
  • Rotisserie chicken, rice, beans, sweet plantains. That's my go-to meal and its only $10. Feeds 2 people. Can't beat that in NY
  • I've been patronizing this place for twenty years. When I want authentic Panamanian food
  • Ordering system is horrendous. They are SOOO rude!!!!!!!! The food is ok but the service is horrible. Isn't worth it. Service is better at crown fried chicken, I'd rather give them my money.
  • Only the rice and bean & fried chicken everything else was dry....
  • This is not the first or the last time ive eaten from here. Wonderful selection, great food and you won't regret eating here.
  • Update to a previous review. On April 6, 2013. Fight breaks out and man gets stabbed to death in front of restaurant after being kicked out. Google search story. Is it safe to eat here anymore ?
  • Great Dominican Food EL DIABLO!
  • Beef stew is my fav..with some rice and peas taste delicious.
  • get the fried chicken white rice and beans
  • The juiciest fried chicken breast ever!
  • You have to stand there like a freaking moron and order through a little slit in their bulletproof glass. It's really archaic and ignorant! Hate to come here because of their 'ordering system'!

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