L.A. Burrito

Row 1

67 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(718) 381-4740

Foursquare Tips

  • Amazing value and tasty chicken chilli!
  • I've been here 30 times and I'm always shocked at how un-mexican this food is. There are peas and carrots in the rice and the beans are plain beans, not refried. The chicken is boiled. Wtf?!
  • 3/3/2013 - 12:59AM: Fire in the back of LA Burrito is tamed. Flames engulfed the back of the restaurant and damages extended to the Jefferson Street exterior and the apartment immediately above.
  • Cheap, tasty, fast delivery, and a good assortment of healthy options.
  • Worst tacos in the area. They put everything in foil and by the time you open it the shell is greasy, soggy and worthless.
  • I never thought nachos could be so drastically messed up by a "Mexican" restaurant but here we are.
  • Burritos the size of your head, super fast delivery.
  • Good value. Near instantaneous delivery.
  • They consistently have Diet Snapple Peach Tea.
  • Love their flautos!
  • Order 2 plain tacos if you are on a budget. Less then $5 & it will be enough for lunch.
  • The green hot sauce is pretty darn good, son is the steak! Loooove it!!!
  • Great food. You don't like it pay quadruple and try the trendy shit next Door.
  • Mmmmm burritos. Duh.
  • Expensive and unimaginative. Beef burrito one star. If they actually have horchata will try again. And what's a Mexican place doing with red velvet cakes ? Get back to basics ese
  • Catfish Burrito. Trust me.
  • Possibly the worst Mexican food I have ever had. Tasteless and not worth the money paid for.
  • Hands down the worst tacos in the area. They wrap everything in foil and when you open it the shell is soggy and helpless.
  • Make your own burrito to order- choices on the board are not the best. The guacamole & pico de gallo are delicious, but if you want authentic go to Tres Hermanos, it's only 10 minutes walk away.