Kristen Bell Does a Killer 'Sexy Baker' Dance

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Check out the actress and her 'prime' moves on the dance floor
Kristen Bell Does a Killer 'Sexy Baker' Dance
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House of Lies star Kristen Bell showed up on Conan last night, and while chatting about Big Miracle and dancing, the very put-together actress busted out some killer moves.

"I had a scary dancing scene where it was written, 'and then she dances very sexily and seduces him,' and I thought, what? Because that's very nerve-wracking," she told Conan. "I don't do sexy very well, I can do cute to the end of the day, but sexy that's not my thing."

So her moves of choice on the dance floor? Character-driven choreography, it seems. "They are more characters that you can take out at a wedding," she says, demonstrating the stewardess and the baker. Watch as Conan tries to eat some of her cookies, below.


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