Kristen Bell Does a Killer 'Sexy Baker' Dance

Check out the actress and her 'prime' moves on the dance floor

House of Lies star Kristen Bell showed up on Conan last night, and while chatting about Big Miracle and dancing, the very put-together actress busted out some killer moves.

"I had a scary dancing scene where it was written, 'and then she dances very sexily and seduces him,' and I thought, what? Because that's very nerve-wracking," she told Conan. "I don't do sexy very well, I can do cute to the end of the day, but sexy that's not my thing."

So her moves of choice on the dance floor? Character-driven choreography, it seems. "They are more characters that you can take out at a wedding," she says, demonstrating the stewardess and the baker. Watch as Conan tries to eat some of her cookies, below.


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