Krispy Kreme Expands to Russia

The beloved donut chain has signed a deal with a Russian restaurateur

Krispy Kremes in Moscow are looking to develop new doughnut flavors.

The first Krispy Kreme out of forty slated to open in Russia is now open for business in Moscow. 

The donut chain, which has 239 locations in the United States, signed a deal that was five years in the making with Arkady Novikov, a Russian restaurateur and owner of LLC Doughnuts Cafe. He told the Moscow Times that he believes the doughnuts are “a healthy indulgence treat” compared to fast food chains that are “not a good choice of a meal.” We’re not exactly sure that donuts are anywhere near healthy, but we’ll go with it.

Jeff Welch, Krispy Kreme’s president of international divisions, told NRN, “It is our hope that our beloved brand will become an integral part of Moscow's culture for many years to come.”

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Krispy Kreme’s menu varies from country to country, but the signature original glazed will remain unchanged in Moscow. Something to watch out for, as reported by The Moscow Times, are flavor varieties unique to Russia, including coffee