Kraft's Original Macaroni and Cheese (Sans Box) and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, beet-infused gin, plus Southwestern grits for summer

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

LA Times
Maine lobster season calls for grills, butter, and a squeeze of lemon.

NY Times
Summer soups? This minestrone with seafood might just do the trick (despite the heat).

SF Chronicle
Japanese ingredient koji has started turning up to add flavor to dishes like grilled lemon asparagus.

A herby, vegetal cocktail with just enough sweetness and dryness? This beet and tarragon gin cocktail sounds about right.

Chicago Tribune
No baking real cakes this summer; just have a tart shell and make an icebox lemon tart with Greek yogurt.

Seattle Times
Grits might be a hassle, but this Southwestern grits recipe with queso fresco and avocado might be worth it.

Kitchen Daily
Mason jar pasta salads? Genius lunch tip.

Portland Press Herald
A trick from James L. Kraft's experiments actually helps with making perfect modern macaroni and cheese (from scratch).

Wall Street Journal
Only in France would they peel fava beans; elsewhere, they leave the peels on and serve them in pilaf.

Washington Post
A vegetarian, gluten-free recipe for three-bean chili, sure to be a hit at a party.