Knight Library

1501 Kincaid St (at E 15th Ave)
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-3053


  • Big research project almost due? Use your smart phone to connect to an online chat with a library subject specialist.
  • Fourth floor is the "greek floor".
  • Silent rave = epic fail
  • Try to snag an individual study room. They're the perfect place to study!!
  • J Majors: There's a special lab on the 4th floor just for you. Macs loaded with Final Cut and the Adobe suite in the southeast corner; Walk toward that southern window after the stairs and hang a left
  • Low on money for books? Borrow books from Summit or ILL. Ask the front desk for more info and instructions on requesting book.
  • There's a great new scanner that's completely free! Check it out on the first floor by the old copiers.
  • If you're sitting at a table with an open seat, be courteous and let another student sit there. We're all here to study!
  • if you must be in the library when it's sunny out, make sure to sit somewhere on the south side so you can soak up those rays!
  • If you can't find a book on a shelf, check the sorting area or cps on the 2nd flr. If it still isn't there, come down to the circ desk and ask them to either do a search or get it from another lib
  • You can reserve and pick up books at the front desk.
  • Nice quiet place to study
  • i love books!!!!!!!
  • I'm actually motivated to study here rather than at home.
  • Get here early during finals, as it can be hard to find an open seat or power outlet.
  • Third floor got small study rooms on both left n right side
  • You can print to the first floor printers wirelessly from your laptop. Just ask the computer help desk by the stairs to show you how!
  • Allan Bros. Coffee in the basement on kincaid side + goodies! That way you don't have to trek it back to 13th for a cup! Big comfy chairs there too :)
  • In the Quiet room on the second floor you can pull up two comfy chairs, put your legs up and snooze :)
  • If you can't find something - check the map. It's really not that complicated. Room numbers begin with the number of the floor their on and books are divided by call numbers.

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