Danish Grocery Makes Healthful Food Cheaper

A Danish discount supermarket has dropped prices on fruits and vegetables
Wikimedia/Dana Payne

Danish grocery chain Kiwi is discounting fruit and vegetables to encourage healthful eating.

A lot of people who say they want to eat more healthfully indicate the biggest hurdle to doing so is that healthful food is so expensive, so one grocery store has decided to make a name for itself by making fruit and vegetables more accessible.

According to The Local, Kiwi—a Danish discount supermarket chain with more than 100 locations around Denmark—says it will be dropping prices on all fruit and vegetables to make it easier for Danes to make healthful food choices. 

“There are a lot of Danes who would like to live healthier but think that it is too expensive,” said Carsten Hansen, the head of the Kiwi chain. “And that is interesting seen from our perspective, because we can do something about it.”

The chain will be discounting fruit and vegetables by 20 percent for shoppers with Kiwi store cards. The move seems like a good way to encourage people to eat more healthfully, but the company says it isn’t just discounting vegetables out of the goodness of its heart. Kiwi hopes the initiative will help set it apart from competing grocery chains.


“It is of course about both health and business,” Hansen said. “We want to be bigger and more well-known. The Danish discount branch is a tough market and we are the newest player, so we think this will help give Kiwi a good position from here on out.”