Kirsten Dixon on Alaskan Cooking

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We talk to the author and lodge owner about her new editon of 'The Winterlake Lodge Cookbook'
Kirsten Dixon On Alaskan Cooking

We talk to the author and lodge owner about her new editon of The Winterlake Lodge Cookbook

Winterlake Lodge
Winterlake Lodge

Winterlake Lodge

If you want to eat Kirsten Dixon’s cooking you normally have to take a small plane to her Winterlake Lodge, 200 miles northwest of Anchorage. But luckily, for those who want to taste Alaskan cooking without making the journey, you can also pick up the newest edition of her cookbook, The Winterlake Lodge Cookbook.

She has lived in the back country of Alaska for more than 30 years, and she and her husband have enjoyed running their lodge for adventure and culinary travelers alike. With her book, she hopes to give readers a better understanding of Alaskan cuisine beyond just crab legs and salmon. "Certainly there’s a deeper story — we have a lot of wild game, we have berries, we have Pacific Ocean seafood products available to us, and we have a very vibrant farmer scene in Alaska as well," she says.

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For more from Dixon you can watch the video above or pick up the cookbook! And if her story has you hankering for a trip to Alaska, you can always hop on a plane and stay at the Winterlake Lodge yourself.