King's Cross Station

Theme Park, Train Station, Platform
Universal Studios Florida
Orlando, FL


  • Ride the train to and from London, the animation is different. Wizards are going to love it!
  • There is a little shop with cheese plates, hummus plates, and a fruit plate inside. Good vegetarian options.
  • Make sure you take the train round trip. Different experience each way!
  • It feels like it was ripped right out of the story. Look out for iconic Harry Potter moments! It's the quickest way to travel Hogwarts castle as the wait is usually 30 minutes or less.
  • Awesome, the detail is amazing.
  • Stunning walk to the train station. The AC alone is worth going haha it feels amazing. The design is spectacular and I actually thought it was a real life train station to another destination
  • The details are amazing in making you feel like you've left London for the magical world, from the posters to the board to the luggage. It makes waiting in line feel less annoying.
  • como se estivssemos fazendo a viagem do Harry no trem. Ele nos leva de um parque da universal para o outro.
  • Really cool way to move between parks. Be sure to ride it both directions! Two different experiences!
  • Passeio no Expresso de Hogwarts. Vale a pena fazer o trajeto de ida e volta. Vc deve ter o ingresso park to park. Melhor trajeto de Hogsmeade para London. Fique de olho na janela e na porta!
  • Great train ride between the parks, make sure you go both ways cause you get a different story each way. So realistic and attention to detail is amazing. It made you feel like you were in London.
  • No te puedes perder subirte al tren hacia Hogsmade. Es una bonita experiencia.
  • Feel and be inside Harry Potter's world. Pay special attention as you approach platform 9 3/4 as the effect of people vanishing is really neat!
  • Tout y est. Vraiment bien fait !
  • Babaca como qualquer coisa relacionada ao Harry Potter.
  • Incluso estar en la fila es una experiencia.
  • Really awesome... Really looks like a station! There is a concession stop in line, too.
  • Experincia fantstica na cabine do trem. Capricharam no expresso entre os dois parques.
  • Both of the stations & the train are absolutely amazing!
  • The Harry Potter theme is unbelievable impressive!

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