King Center

Theater, Arts, Music Venue
855 Lawrence St.
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 556-2179


  • Another Excellent people watching spot on campus.
  • I absolutely love the UC Denver computer lab on the second floor here. Hardly ever crowded, not like the ones in the North Classroom or the Tivoli. Take advantage; it's Auraria's best kept secret!
  • Smelliest bathrooms on campus!
  • The Business School Lab is a good place to get some work done, however as others have said the cell phone signal is poor. I prefer St. Cajeans for cell signal, but their computers can be slower.
  • Ever get caught in the cattle call on the stairs between classes? Try the staircase on the Southwest corner of the classrooms. Your stress level will be way lower.
  • Open windows. Great view. But no wifi or phone signal. And the bathrooms smell.
  • No wi-fi or cell phone signal!
  • The recitals that the three institutions offer often in the middle of the week are nice.
  • Plenty of places to study. The CCD music computer lab is open to CCD music students -- nice and cool with plenty of terminals and desk space.
  • Bring Ethernet chords they have no wifi which is stupid it's the newest building
  • They need to get more gummie bears, they never have any at the vending machine.
  • If you can verb you are a noun
  • No wifi, no cell phone service, and the computers that are in the labs are SO SLOW! Let's keep up with the technology eh?
  • Great place to study! The lab is quiet and almost never busy.
  • New plan: Go to Goodwill, buy old wireless modems, and set them up in computer classrooms.
  • The Business Lab on the second level is hardly ever very crowded and it provides a quiet place to study. Also, you are able to print in color on select computers.
  • The Business Lab at King Center has very quiet area to study. The only thing I don't like about it that there is no Cell phone and Wifi signal.
  • For event information that happens here visit: , go support your fellow classmates by seeing a play or a recital
  • Don't expect to get a cell signal or access wireless in the King Center! The connection is incredibly spotty if available at all.
  • The Wi-Fi and cell signal is No Bueno in the building!!!