Kids Grab & Go Snacks

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Kids Grab & Go Snacks

Quick & Easy Snacks

When a snack attack hits, skip the store-bought snacks and follow our good-for-you tips. Find out how to set up a snack shelf in your fridge, serve frozen snacks on a stick, and more. Every bite counts!

Energy Bites Snacks for Kids

Healthy Nibbles

Stir up our recipe for no-bake Energy Bites in a flash! Pop them in your mouth for a quick pick-me-up. They’re easy to make and they taste like mini chewy granola bars. Happy snacking!

Snacks w Binder Box

Make Munchies and Snack Happy! 

Good News! Our June Snack Happy! kits are on the way to Kidstir subscribers. Get excited to make munchies and Snack Happy!

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