To Kickstarter or Not: Belgian Underground Brewing

To Kickstarter or Not: Belgian Underground Brewing


I am still surprised so many businesses rely on a Kickstarter to become a reality, especially when what your asking for is to fund a brewery slightly larger than some people homebrew on for fun like the 1 barrel nano Belgian Underground Brewing from Silverton, Oregon. Essentially what they are asking if for you to Kickstart their homebrewing hobby. Belgian Underground comes from three longtime friends, atleast one of Belgian descent who’s “Oba” was a Belgian resistance fighter in World War II that were called the Belgian Underground. The breweries top priority as stated on their Kickstarter? “primarily to honor the stories of those who risked everything to resist against injustice.” A little melodramatic and seemingly at odds with their 2nd priority to “keep brewing fun”. As much as I believe beer and brewing are among humanities greatest creations even I would admit it’s probably not the best way to honor WWII resistance fighters from another country.

But, let me try to put away my pessimism for a second and offer you the opportunity to make up your own mind. Afterall Silverton, Oregon could use another brewery after Seven Brides and they currently need less than $5,000 to raise to meet their goal. Also this interview with one of the founders is a convincing argument for the brewery as a personal passion project but I have a hard time being optimistic about funding a brewery that will make about 60 gallons a month. Perhaps your less of a hater than I and would like to see if they raise their goal in just the next 9 days? Was selling a Vespa collection and classic BMW for funds all for naught? Go to to find the answers to these questions and more!

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