Kick Up Your Holiday Appetizers

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The holidays are here, meaning the holiday parties will be kicking off before you know it. No matter what kind of get-together you attend, it’s safe to bet that you’ll be overloaded with appetizers and party snacks galore. It’s also safe to bet that at most parties, you’ll be served the same standard fare over and over again: spinach dip, tortilla chips, cheese and crackers, and shrimp cocktail are all finger foods that are practically guaranteed to show up at any holiday event.


If you want a spread that stands out from the crowd, try putting a spin on your food and display to make it a little more interesting this holiday season. Keep some easy tips and tricks in mind the next time you’re hosting a get-together for party food that’s memorable and guaranteed to please your guests.


Use Edible Bowls

Making edible bowls for dips, salsas, and fruit is one of the easiest ways to make your party spread look impressive to your guests. Depending on the holiday, scoop out the insides of a pumpkin, bell pepper, bread loaf, watermelon or tomato and fill up your new serving dish with dip. Your appetizer table will instantly look more festive and appealing to guests.


Provide Interesting Dipper

To make your food more memorable when you’re hosting a get-together, skip the potato chips and crackers in favor or more obscure dippers. Mozzarella sticks, sweet potato fries, grilled cheese slices, kale chips and even hard boiled eggs are all fun twists on typical dippers that guests will be excited to eat.


Stick to a Theme

Aside from having food that tastes great, presentation is also important when it comes to having an appealing party spread. Consider serving appetizers that all stick to a certain theme, whether it’s having all red and green colored options for a Christmas party or all heart-shaped goodies for a Valentine’s day celebration. Everything will look cohesive and guests will appreciate your extra thought and effort.


Mix Up Your Options

Having a variety of options is one of the best ways to make your food appealing to all of your guests since everyone is partial to different types of food. Provide a mix of hot and cold, vegetarian and meaty, and dip-able and simply grab-able options. Serve hot dips in slow cookers to keep food warm and serve chilled appetizers in small bowls set inside of bigger bowls filled with ice for a mix of temperatures.


Serving memorable food doesn’t mean you need to be a 5-star chef; it just requires a little extra thought and effort. Experiment and have fun with your party food this season, and happy snacking!

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