KFC Is Making Massive Changes to Speed up Service

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KFC Is Making Massive Changes to Speed up Service

While fast-food chains across the US are making major investments in delivery, mobile ordering, and employee-replacing robots, many companies are forgetting the most important part of business — the customer.

“What I see with a lot of QSRs is ‘me too,'” Chris Caldwell, KFC’s chief information officer, told Business Insider in an interview about tech in the quick-service restaurant business. “They’re doing it because someone else is doing it. They don’t really understand the results, or what they’re going to achieve, or what the consumer pain point is. And I think that’s a dangerous place to be.”

When it comes to tech, KFC isn’t necessarily aiming for the cutting edge — a position taken by some of the chain’s competitors with “me too” attitudes. Instead, Caldwell says the brand is focusing on areas that may be less flashy.

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